Author Topic: Slash on WOD - Note to fanfic readers  (Read 329 times)

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Slash on WOD - Note to fanfic readers
« on: February 16, 2009, 01:10:53 AM »
There's this story I adore by an author who passed away some years ago. This story is available only via the archive of the mailing list where she originally posted it and which apparently has been deleted by YahooGroups since, and the freewebspace she set up. To avoid losing it altogether I started to repost it on EV some time ago, making an account for her and changing nothing, just copy/pasting with an extensive note about the situation. Now that EV is an archive mode, I'm bringing this story over to WOD to finish reposting here.

Anyway, the reason for this explanation and post is - this story features both heteroerotic (aka Het, m/f) and homoerotic (Slash, m/m and FemmeSlash, f/f) romantic and/or sexual relationships between characters. Knowing that a slash fiction isn't common in this fandom and that to this day, there has been no such stories archived, I've added a new story classification: Warnings. Warnings for stories featuring homoerotic relationships are mandatory, no matter what the rating is or how explicit the story is. This also brings something that readers need to remember to take note of when deciding whether to read a story or not.

This is where and how the warnings will show up:


Characters: None
Warnings: Het (m/f), Threesomes/moresomes (m/f/f etc.)
Challenge: None
Series: None

If Warnings is empty, the story has no homoerotic relationships.

As for Slash stories in general - I don't expect there to be lots of submissions (if any at all) - but should there be, due to having read too much poorly characterized slash, I will decide whether to approve a story on a case by case basis.

If you have any questions/worries etc., ask away!