Author Topic: ISP Problem - Fanfic Updates Late, But Should Commence Normally On Sunday  (Read 326 times)

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Discovered earlier this week that I was not seeing the new submission sent in at for last Sunday's update. Everything was okay with the server, so I turned to my ISP and turned out they were having problems with some cache, can't say I totaly understood it. But the end result was that a number of their customers, including me, with a certain IP range kept being served days old versions of (what seemed random to me) sites instead of the current version. Hence it looked like there were no changes since the last time I had visited when there hadn't been any new submissions made yet. Anyway, they told me yesterday that the issue is now resolved and indeed I can see the submission now waiting there. So fanfic updates continue as normal next Sunday barring any further problems.

Still might have a problem with the e-mail notifications again (didn't get it either) but they said their cache issue couldn't affect the e-mail at all because the server the site is on is not affiliated with my ISP in any way what so ever nor is the e-mail host (which is gmail). There's been a problems before with efiction either not sending the notification e-mails at all or them never arriving, so I'm thinking the e-mail problem is propably re-occurrence of that old problem and just a coincidence it happened at the same time as my ISP having their cache problems. I'm looking into it.