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Rules Of The Board
« on: December 29, 2008, 07:37:24 AM »
All Oded Fehr fans are welcome here, including lurkers! Posting is currently restricted to members-only in hopes of avoiding spammers. Certain boards are accessible to logged-in members only. You're welcome to register by clicking the link at the top. If you have problems with the visual verification which is in place to keep out spammers, and are using Internet Explorer, try lowering the browser's security setting for the duration of registration. If you still can't register, contact

The rules Ladybug & co. layed out are good, so they are in effect until further notice:

To keep things running smoothly and to keep everyone safe and happy, the administrators ask that all members adhere to the following guidelines:

1. Unless otherwise indicated in the forum description, all forums are rated F16. Please remember that while this board is a bit more private than the old ezboard mb, it is still open to the internet public and visitors of all ages can register. If you have a link, picture or anything else that could be considered “adult” material, please post it in the S Files forum.

2. Absolutely no flaming of any kind towards anyone! Any post that insults or maliciously criticizes another member of this board will be deleted. The poster will receive an email warning from the administrator and if it continues, the poster will be banned from the board. The WOD mb is a place for us to gather and relax. To drool over anything Oded and perhaps other eye-candy that we discover. We are a family here and so we ask that you show respect to others.

3. We have had a problem in the past with Plagiarism. All original characters and character stories created by the authors who write snippets in the S Files, Sweet Dreams, forums or the stories that are submitted to the Weaver of Dreams website are protected under the copyright laws. Please do not borrow, steal or otherwise use any original character(s) without permission from the author.

4. WOD welcomes those who prefer to lurk. We do not require or frown upon those who do not wish to be active, but instead prefer to come and read the posts and get the latest info on Oded, etc. However, please note that this board does require registration in order to view the posts.

5. SPAM is strictly forbidden on WOD. All SPAM will be deleted. If a regular member posted it, you will receive an email warning on the first offense. If it continues then member will be banned from the board.

6. Any posts that disrespect’s Oded or his family in anyway will not be allowed and will be deleted from the board. The poster will receive an email warning. If it continues, then the member will be banned.

7. Chats are scheduled every Friday night and Wednesday morning. However, the chat room is available at any time for members only, who wish to utilize it. Please refer to the chat guidelines for chat schedule and rules of the chat room.

8. The Fehr Sites forum is for active members who wish to advertise their Oded based websites. You can inform us of updates and/or changes that you’ve made. However, please remember that this forum is here as a courtesy. Be respectful and do not use the forum simply to solicit membership to your own website or board. If you advertise your website or message board here and yet do not participate in any other way with WOD, then your post will be removed and you will receive an email warning. A second offense will means your membership will be banned from WOD. If you have any questions regarding this rule, please feel free to email the admin.

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time. We also reserve the right to deny membership to anyone. Thanks for your understanding and we hope you will enjoy your time here