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Fehr Appearances / Seam
« Last post by Desert_Rose14 on Today at 03:02:11 AM »
Seam, a film Oded shot a few years ago, is apparently coming to fruition! Below are some pictures taken from the film's website. The link provided also has a trailer for the film.

Many thanks to Jennifer Melton in our Facebook group for this find!  :icon_smile:
« Last post by Ariane on August 18, 2017, 06:20:22 PM »

Crazy world has finally arrived to my home town, Turku:

The situation is still ongoing.

So far no info yet about who the attackers are - home grown lunatics, or foreign fanatics. News say 7-8 people were stabbed, and at least one died.

It happened on Kauppatori and Puutori. I'm very familiar with both, the local busses' main stops are on the Kauppatori and that's where I most often get on the bus or off. Practically every time I go to town, I go through Kauppatori so it feels like my place. I just walked through it today, only about 4 hours before the knifemen attacked people there! I live about 20 minutes from there!

I don't recall anything like this happening in Turku before.
Fan Fiction Review / Re: Need help finding an Ardeth fanfiction
« Last post by Ariane on August 02, 2017, 01:57:23 PM »
My pleasure :) I'm always so happy to help readers find Ardeth stories! He has always been and still is my favorite of all the characters that Oded has played :) There's a PG-13 rated version of The Flower Shop up on the site, but yeah, the higher rated one is sadly gone :(
Fan Fiction Review / Re: Need help finding an Ardeth fanfiction
« Last post by Pixielade on August 02, 2017, 12:57:05 PM »
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

I'm sad to hear that the link to The Flower Shop is broken, I would have loved to reread that story as well.

I will check out some of the other stories when I'm done with the ones I was looking for.
I read more or less every story written back then, so hopefully there have been submitted some new stuff since my last Ardeth binge reading.

Once again thank you for finding the links!!!
Fan Fiction Review / Re: Need help finding an Ardeth fanfiction
« Last post by Ariane on August 02, 2017, 11:29:58 AM »

Hiya!   :welcome1:

I think the story you're looking for is by Shelayne: The Medjai Chief She's written both The Medjai Chief (Ardeth) and a sequel to it, and The Flower Shop (Antoine) among others. They were posted to the old Land Of Dreams site which was G to PG-13 originally, it's in Read-Only mode now. That site also have lots of other good stories, but very few with explicit content because majority of the stories were submitted before I took over and allowed also R and NC-17. I have no idea whether Shelayne has/had a Wordpress site, those stories are older than that I think but The Flower Shop does have link to FortuneCity URL for a R-rated version; unfortunately FortuneCity did away with free sites years ago so that URL is broken.

Weaver Of Dreams has accepted all ratings from the start, and I think pretty much all the R/NC-17 (F16/F18) stories there are really great so I'd recommend checking them all out. Some of my favorite writers are Suzettemonpetite, Ladybug, Mommints and Claudia but as I recall I loved pretty much *all* of the stories there back when all the writers were still posting new stories and posting on the boards. I liked the over-all writing style on WOD a lot and I've sort of measured all other fandoms' output up against to those stories since then!

Also be sure to check out the old WOD site at as I haven't yet imported all the stories to eFiction. I don't think there are too many of those movie novelizations unline seems to be flooded with them now, but practically all of them do pair Ardeth with an OFC if that's a thing not too much to your liking. Weaver Of Dreams still accepts submissions :)
Fan Fiction Review / Need help finding an Ardeth fanfiction
« Last post by Pixielade on August 02, 2017, 02:39:47 AM »
I've recently rewatched The Mummy and my old love of Ardeth romance stories have flared up again.
I'm looking for a specific story that I remember was one of my favourites, I just can't seem to find it anywhere.
I'm fairly sure it was called The Medjai Chieftain, but of cause I can be wrong, it has been years upon years since I read it last.
It's about a young woman who is dragged into the desert by her fiancé who is looking for an artefact or something like that. I believe that the woman is kidnapped by some desert thugs. One night she looks up at the sky and wishes upon a star while saying a rhyme "Star light, star bright, The first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. Please help me" and Ardeth swoops in and saves the day.
Near the end Ardeth takes the woman back to Cairo and on their way back they have a little romantic moment under the desert sky, resulting in a pregnancy that Ardeth doesn't know about.
In the sequel the woman travels back to Egypt with their child to find Ardeth.

The author also wrote an other story (I believe an Antoine one) about a flower shop... also a very good story.

If I remember correctly the author was an (aspiring?) stage actress with red hair, who also had her stories on her own site. The site was a .something like username.wordpress - the site was called something like angel, fireangel or something like that.

This turned into a long messy post... I really hope that someone here knows the stories I'm looking for and know where to find them or have them saved on their computer.

I would also like recommendations on other stories, the only "musts" is that it's not one of those that follow the movies to a tee and that they are adult friendly (mature content is much appreciated) in writing style, I've come across many that are very teenage-y in the way they're written.
Fehr Media / Re: Oded Picture thread
« Last post by Desert_Rose14 on July 22, 2017, 03:35:28 PM »
Posted by Pedro Pedrero on Twitter.   

"Had the pleasure of working again with the wonderful 'Oded Fehr' earlier this year. had not worked with him since The Mummy 1&2. #filming."
Fehr Appearances / Re: 24: Legacy
« Last post by Desert_Rose14 on July 01, 2017, 03:45:46 AM »
I never watched the original series, so I can't make any comparisons. However, I was only tuning in to the show because of Oded. I really like Miranda Otto too (and how ironic that I'd always wanted Oded and Miranda to act together in something), but not even she could make the show good enough for me to watch. Like you, I'd have been surprised if it'd been renewed because after the way everything ended, I really couldn't see it going on anyway.

The only thing I'm worried about now is because it's a one-season Fox show, if it'll be released on DVD/Blu-Ray. I'll be so upset if it isn't!  :2153_wailing:
Fehr Appearances / Re: 24: Legacy
« Last post by Ariane on June 30, 2017, 06:18:17 PM »
I'd have been surprised if it was renewed  :icon_confused: It was competently produced and acted and looked, if not great, at least your standard tv fare, but it aped every. single. thing it did from the original, without adding anything of its own to expand and deepen the universe.  After finishing the last episode of the season and liking a few aspects of it (Oded and a few other actors I always enjoy seeing), I just couldn't think of a single thing to really justify it's existence, and ended up wondering what was the point  :ambivalence:
Fehr Appearances / Re: White Chamber (2018)
« Last post by Ariane on June 30, 2017, 05:52:25 PM »
Sadly, it still might not, or might take several years to get released  :icon_eek:
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