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Fehr Media / Re: Oded Picture thread
« Last post by Desert_Rose14 on September 17, 2017, 02:42:21 PM »
Posted on Oded's Instagram (he's in Colombia!)  :icon_biggrin:

"Filming with my friend Emerson and the Brilliant Omri!"

I'm not sure what he's filming - I'm looking into it.  :icon_wink:
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 09:20:34 AM »
Maybe the end?  One duplicate but I'm leaving it here because we can never get enough Oded, now can we?
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 09:14:56 AM »
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 09:08:45 AM »
Yet more...
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 09:07:54 AM »
More From Russia...with Love, of course   :eyebrowswiggle:
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 09:05:20 AM »
Now some more photos and perhaps a video...

Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 08:53:22 AM »
Finally, an interview...again...translated from Russian.

08/30/2012 Revision Leave a Comment

In Russia, for the filming of the film King of Pictures "The Oracle: A Game in the Dark," came the Hollywood actor Oded Fehr, known to the domestic audience for roles in the "Mummy", "Resident Evil" and many other tapes. STARMAN24 met with the actor shortly before entering the site to ask him about his favorite TV series, expectations from working with Russian stars and the desire to star in the Game of Thrones.

STARMAN24: To begin with, let's talk about a movie for which you happened to come to Moscow. What interests you the project of producer Alexander Izotov "Oracle: Game in the Dark"? It is known that Izotov has been engaged in the production of international projects for more than a decade and is trying to attract an international audience to show Russia as a peace-loving power, not an aggressor, as it is often exhibited not only by Western media, but also by cinema.
Oded Fer: In truth, everything happened quite trite - the producers of the tape contacted me and suggested a role. It's small, but quite interesting. I admit, most of all I was interested in the fact that the shooting will be conducted in Russia, and I have never been here! (Laughs.)
Oded Fehr on the set of the film "The Oracle: Game in the Dark"

S24: Can you tell us more about the story?
Fer: For the most part, it's a political thriller. I'm not sure that I can give out much, but the story revolves around a coup d'état and the joint work of Russian and Western special services. It is worth noting that in Russia Russians are often portrayed in a negative way, but everything is not so: in our film there are good Russians, and bad Russians, and good Americans, and bad Americans - all in moderation, as in life. Even honest politicians are! (Laughs.) This approach is very close to me.
S24: Have you managed to see the city for at least a little while?
Fer: Honestly, quite a bit. I flew to Moscow on the eve of late at night, but today still got to Red Square. The weather was very disappointing.
S24: Yes, at the end of August we did not seem to be at all summer ...
Fer: Alas, yes, it's cool and rainy. Another dzetlag made itself felt - I even fell asleep in the back seat of the car! But all that I saw, I really liked it, I hope that I will find time for a walk or two after filming.
Oded Fer in the role of Carlos Olivier. Shot from the film "Resident Evil 3"

S24: What are the expectations from working with Russian actors?
Fer: In Hollywood, I already happened to be in the frame with your compatriots ... In general, it so happened that the Russian acting school has always been an integral part of my life. In Israel, where my childhood and youth passed, most of my idols-respected theatrical actors-just learned by the method of Stanislavsky. And in the 90s, during the wave of emigration from post-Soviet Russia, a lot of talented artists moved to us, who eventually founded their own theater of productions in Russian, which quickly gained publicity and criticism. So, I know firsthand how good Russians are in movies and on screen. (Smiling.)
S24: There are a lot of favorite pictures by your spectators - "Mummy", "Resident Evil" and many others. To you, which of the roles seems most interesting and complex?
Fer: From the point of view of dramaturgy and immersion in history, I will probably choose the series "Discover the enemy" (Sleeper Cell) ... There in the center of the narrative was a terrorist cell that planned an attack on Los Angeles, and I played its leader. Very accurately written and vivid role. The authors gave one hundred percent. And yet, probably, I'll single out the Zanku demon from the "Enchanted" - it was very fun! (Laughs.)
Oded Fehr in the role of the demon Zanku. Shot from the series "Enchanted"

S24: A memorable character, yes! "Enchanted", by the way, here were very popular in due time ...
Fer: Really? It's cool, cool.
S24: By the way, about the series. Many people say that we are now living in the golden age of television ...
Fer: (Jumps in the chair) Yes, totally agree!
S24: Maybe you have some favorite show I'd like to take part in?
Fer: (Strangely trying to remember something.) So ... How do we call the most popular now series HBO?
S24: "The Game of Thrones"?
Fer: Yes, yes. I would like to play in the "Game of Thrones". True, I have not seen a single series at all ... (Laughs.) I know it's terrible, but I'm not the first - I remember, for a long time I could not begin to look at the "Sopranos" ...
S24: It looks like you just have some problems with HBO! (Oded laughs.)
Fer: No, I'm a fan of HBO, but I managed to get to the "Sopranos" only three years ago. I will not make excuses, but I have three children, so ... (Smiling.) It's necessary to minimize cruelty on the screen. In general, I still really love "In all the heavy", a brilliant TV series. And the spin-off at them smart went out - both on drama, and on an actor's game. By the way, somehow it happened that I never had any envy for other projects. Well, do you know how this happens? The actor watches a movie or a TV show and Well, do you know how this happens? The actor watches a movie or a TV show and complains, they say, why did not I play here? At me here on the contrary - I simply enjoy viewing, and I admit to myself, that hardly could pull this or that party.

S24: But by the way, you recently happened to try on the image of the villain Jafar from "Aladdin" in the series "Once in a Tale" ...
Fer: Yes, I was very happy to get into this show because I heard a lot of good things about it from my friend Jesse Shram, who plays Cinderella there. She constantly told me how cool it was on the court, what a good team there was and all that. So I happily jumped at the opportunity. Plus, the very image of Jafar - very bright, pompous, you can not be afraid to "give" too much: all these theatrical gestures, a mysterious voice, accent.

S24: How did you even look for an approach to this hero? Probably, it was not easy to compete with Jonathan Freeman - in fact, his generation has already grown on Jafar.
Fer: It's hard to say, honestly. His reading was very memorable, but I will not call myself a fan. It seems to me that his Jafar was not interested in women at all ... I will not say for certain that he was of unconventional sexual orientation, but everything looked as if the snake was interested in him much more than others! (Laughs.) I still tried to make it more theatrical, for the most part, using my voice.

S24: Going back to the "Oracle", it seems to you - what will the viewer take out of the movie after viewing?
Fer: At least I hope he does not get bored. Despite the fact that this is a political thriller, our history is apolitical - we do not have right and wrong, we do not choose someone's side. I'm sure that the famously twisted plot will not allow viewers to relax, and he will definitely enjoy viewing.

Find the direct link to these articles and interviews at:
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 08:49:45 AM »
Another general discussion translated from Russian,

Shooting "ORACLE" will be celebrated in "Cinematograph"

28.08.2017 

In Moscow, the full-length artwork ORACLE: GO BLIND takes place, featuring Russian and Hollywood artists: Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin, Alexander Golovin, Polina Grentz, Denis Semenikhin and many others.

Actor Oded Fehr, well-known to the Russian audience for the films "Mummy" and "Resident Evil-2: Apocalypse", flew in from Hollywood especially for filming. The plot of the film is based on real political events taking place on the international arena and conceived in the genre of spy thriller. It is shot in English, so for Russian actors, it was important to know English

VIP guests will receive an interesting program and a lot of gifts from the partners of the event.
Event organizer:

The film company "Tsar Pictures" was created in the spring of 2003, and for the years of its active work has acquired a wide experience in the production of film products of the international standard with further promotion to the Western market.
Main activity profile:
Involvement of investments in independent Hollywood cinema with participation of stars of category A;
Producing and production of international films.
Fehr Media / Re: Oracle: Going Blind
« Last post by Windsor on September 06, 2017, 04:34:28 AM »
Here is an article about the film,  translated from Russian.


The star of the "Mummy", "Resident Evil", the series "Enchanted" and "Once in a Tale" actor Oded Fehr came to the Russian capital to organize a "velvet" revolution.

Oded Fe flew to Moscow for the first time, but not to get acquainted with her beauties, although it interested him no less, and to take part in the filming of the project of the Cinema Company "The Oracle: The Game in the Dark / ORACLE: GO BLIND" . The star of the "Mummy" and "Resident Evil" will play one of the main roles in the spy thriller of Alexander Izotov (president of the film company "Tsar Pictures"), who has been producing projects for many years aimed at the international market and, thus, the viewer of the correct image of Russia - a country of world creation, and not an aggressor.

The events that take place in the film are based on real events, and they will slightly open the veil in the work of Western and Russian special services, about how conspiracies, velvet revolutions that have recently become known as the "yellow revolution" and the "Arab spring" are maturing. Representatives of the media were able to visit the mercenary camp, which unfolded in Podolsk, where they are preparing instigators of riots and riots.

Oded Fehr on the set of the film "The Oracle: Game in the Dark"
As Izotov noted, much is said about this, but we went further and decided to show how this happens and who stands at the root of evil. All this you will see in the film. In general, - I believe, added Izotov, - our film is about how to preserve peace and the peace of citizens, so that each of us sleeps peacefully and trusts professionals. "

Alexander Golovin on the set of the film "The Oracle: A Game in the Dark"
Odedu Feru in the film just got the role of such a "bad" guy who stands at the helm of the destructive process, preparing the youth for destructive demonstrations. The film is shot in English and it must be said that the Hollywood actor perfectly learned his text and appreciated the shooting process, noting that the organizational level on the site is not worse than in Hollywood.

Oded Fehr on the set of the film "The Oracle: Game in the Dark"
In life Oded Fehr is a happy husband and family man, he has three children, whom he loves very much and says that they are much more talented than him. In his spare time, he managed to go to one of the metropolitan restaurants and try the popular Russian borscht, stroll around the city and admire the goodwill of Muscovites. In an interview Oded said that despite heavy rain one day, he walked along Red Square, could see the city and added that Moscow is a very beautiful city and does not get tired of its status either in European or American cities and capitals.

Oded Fehr on the set of the film "The Oracle: Game in the Dark"
Also in the shooting of the film will take part: Alexander Golovin, Polina Grents, Denis Vasiliev, Liza Anokhin, Denis Semenikhin, Ethan John, Lev Prygunov .

In addition to the above artists, in the film we will see the legendary Hollywood artists: Eric Roberts, Michael Madsen, Stephen Baldwin , Russian - Alexei Chadov and Marat Basharov .

The release of the film is expected in 2018 and, according to the idea of ​​the creators, the picture will be seen by more than 50 countries.

Fehr Media / Re: Oded Picture thread
« Last post by Desert_Rose14 on September 02, 2017, 07:24:41 PM »
Another one.
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